Cuddle Care: 4K Partnership with the Howard/Suamico School District

Your child may never attended school before and that’s a scary thing for both of you. However, at Cuddle Care, we strive to ease your fears. Our highly qualified Department of Public Instruction teachers will provide a nurturing environment that will support your child in their new academic journey. Each day is filled with fun, relevant, exciting learning opportunities that will have them energized for the school day.

A typical 4 year old kindergarten day would look like:

  • Arrival/Attendance
  • Outdoor Group Time
  • Outdoor Learning & Exploration
  • Snack
  • Inside Group Time
  • Indoor Learning & Exploration
  • Closing/Dismissal

In addition, we do class field trips, family events and take home family activities to encourage quality family time.

For families residing outside of the school district, open enrollment is available for your child to participate in our 4K program.

Want to know more about our curriculum? Contact Cuddle Care at 920-494-1156 to speak with one of our educated, friendly staff members about our program today!